Jet Black Swarovski crystal      $95.00

Messy Wrap Turquoise Ring      $45.00

Siam (Garnet) Swarovski Crystal      $95.00

All these rings are wrapped in Sterling Silver wire

 Clear Swarovski Crystal      $95.00

Crystal Iridescent Green Prong Ring      $120.00

 Illuminus Swarovski Crystal SS wire wrapped ring      $95.00

Aquamarine Crystal wrapped in SS Wire with weaved shank


Tanzanite Cocktail Ring      $95.00

Paradise Shine  Prong Ring      $120.00

Light aquamarine Prong ring Sterling Silver     $120.00

Crystal Luminous Trilliant Prong Ring  $120.00

Gold Filled Criss Cross Ring with 4 wires     $75.00

Luxury meets elegance...

Sterling Silver Criss Cross ring with 3 wires crossing     $60.00

Yellow Citrine Crystal Prong ring     $120.00

Peridot, Garnet,  Iridescent Cluster ring Sterling Silver     $110.00

Gold FilledSiam Shimmer Crystal Prong Ring      $125.00

Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal      $95.00

Mother's Ring wrapped in Gold Filled wire      $75.00

Sterling Silver wire wrapped ring with 14mm Swarovski Crystal Stone
Sterling Silver Cocktail ring with Swarovski Siam crystal

Sterling Silver Cluster Ring      $65.00

 Sapphire Swarovski Crystal      $95.00

Sterling Silver Criss Cross Ring with 4 wires     $65.00